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Business Writing Tips

Tip #1: Alternate Formats: Because Writing is a Visual Art

Write for the eye as well as the brain.

Tip #2: What to Say; What Not to Say: How Much, and When

Another way to save time as you write less — and say more.

Tip #3:Strategic Business Writing: A Powerful, Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Focus on the reader’s needs, wants, and desires and your words will pay you back.

Tip #4: To Get Your Email Read, Start with a Strong Subject Line

Email is opened and read immediately based on two criteria: (1) who sent it; or (2) what it’s about.

Tip #5: Prepositions

A very common mistake is to match the verb in the sentence to the word at the end of the prepositional phrase, rather than to the...

cost-effective, and certainly most valuable marketing tools.

On these pages, we’ve put together an archival library for you, including some of our most popular short articles on a variety of subjects ranging from business writing strategy to writing an effective email;  from the mechanics of clear, concise, effective business writing – the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage – to a quiz where you can test your own skills and knowledge. We’ve even included information about what you need to know to write effective marketing and promotional material. It's all about writing less, saying more - and getting results!

So explore the pages, links, and items listed here.

In addition to establishing a "These are the people I want to do business with" tone, as well as reinforcing your company’s credibility and professionalism, your business writing must also serve as one of your most

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