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Seven ways to benefit from this

If you're charged with improving communication in your organization, talk to Gail.

In Gail Tycer business writing workshops, your people will learn quick, easy-to-use common-sense skills for writing faster, clearer, easier - more confidently!  For speaking more effectively, Gail's highly interactive, solid-content sessions provide detailed step-by-step checklists and practical, nuts and bolts techniques and tactics your people can use now.


1. Bring a Gail Tycer workshop to your company.

Before the workshop, Gail provides complimentary consulting to assure

the success of her time with your people. Afterwards, she becomes their personal writing coach, providing suggestions and counsel. For further reinforcement of the learning, participants learn coaching techniques so they can help each other use their new skills with confidence. Participants receive a substantial course handbook to keep their skills fresh, long after the workshop is over.

2. Work with Gail to develop an organization specific program for your people.

3. Invite Gail to consult with your organization.

4. Send staff to Gail for one-on-one coaching.

5. Send selected individuals to a Gail Tycer executive session.
At your location or ours, executive and small group sessions are ideal for hashing out and resolving on-the-job issues; for completing a specific project; or for working in a concentrated environment with just a few select people.

6. Recommend Gail to speak at meetings and conventions your people will attend.

7. Register your people to receive Gail's free weekly business writing tips video and blog.

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Workshops, breakouts, and keynotes to help your people master today's communication challenges