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Please print this worksheet and circle the error or errors in the following

sentences, one at a time. After you have spotted the problem(s) in each

sentence, make the correction. After you have finished, visit our page with

the answers and explanations to see how well you did!

  1. As a homeowner, repairs have just become too time-consuming for me.

  2. Each 4-H member will have a chance to show their animal at the Fair.

  3. A selection of 3 entrees are available at the dinner.

  4. Athletes will have a chance to wear their uniform at the tournament.

  5. One way to judge software is by installing it at your office to see if its making a difference in productivity.

  6. Make your United Way contribution by October 1, and John or myself will bake cookies for your team.

  7. For you and I to make that decision, we'd need additional information.

  8. If it was a case of life or death, they'd pay more attention, I hope.

  9. Are you anxious to begin your new project?

  10. We expect three things from our staff: Competence, loyalty, and enthusiasm.

  11. Mary is one of those people that learns new software really fast.

  12. They brought alot of potato salad to the company picnic.

  13. We plan to vacation in the north this year.

  14. You'll have to quickly review the entire process before assigning the work.

  15. The data is clearly trying to tell us something.

How many of these common business writing errors can you detect?