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Here's where you'll find an eclectic mix of quick tips, ideas, guest blogs, and comments on a wide range of hot topics. There are tips on what you need to know and do to write a killer blog; how to write an effective email, email etiquette, and avoiding email disaster; how to identify and use exactly the right words; strategic business writing that gets results; effective editing and strong rewriting; how to help the reader "get it" at a glance; avoiding writers block; writing quickly and easily; getting started. Reference materials and useful sites. How your computer can help. Grammar. Easy tips for improving clarity and being more concise.

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Learn the most common grammatical and usage errors.  Find business writing articles ranging from getting your email read, to what to say; what not to say; how much, and when. Concise writing. Effective writing. Formats. Grammar. Strategy. Information on how to use your business writing as a cost-effective marketing tool. You can read about generational marketing; checking out the competition; marketplace trends to watch for; getting the most out of your marketing materials, and penny-pinching marketing for your home-based business. Suggest topics you'd like to know more about, and we'll do our best to get that information posted.

Subscribe to Gail's short weekly Quick Tips and blog post.

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