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In a career that has included stints on radio and television, running advertising agencies, and being a college professor in her spare time, Gail has learned a few things about the craft of writing.

More importantly she has developed the skills that make a writer a considerable friend, confidant and person to turn to for wisdom.

She has a way with words, using them to gather information, problem solve and serve as a non-threatening catalyst to facilitate group planning sessions that help you get to the heart of your organization's issues and to assist in developing strategic direction.

Call Gail (503)318-7412, or email Gail - Gail@GailTycer.com to learn more about how her online consulting, coaching, and facilitation could work for you. Gail can help write those difficult pieces for you, or edit your work when needed. 

Consulting, Coaching, Writing and Editing. Gail does it all.