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I'm really hoping you'll love our first new product line - the time-saving Two-Minute Solutions for the most common writing challenges on the job today. Short, highly focused, and very affordable, each is easy to implement, time-tested, and proven.

 Each problem-solving Two-Minute Solution is a quick read with fast, easy-to-use, step-by-step action tactics and strategies you can easily put to work in the next 30 seconds. They are also available as audiobooks so you can listen to them in the car, at work, or while working out.

 Our most powerful workshops are available online via Zoom, and on-demand. Visit our workshops page to learn more!

 Designed for the motivated individual learner on or off the job, each workshop will be segmented into short sessions that you can easily fit into your workday. These shorter sessions have been shown to combine maximum content retention with optimum time management - a step at a time. Even with the assignments, each short session can be completed over lunch, and you can learn more, faster, by listening to the workshop audio for reinforcement on the way to or from work.

Video courses, audio courses, books and e-books designed to give you the competitive advantage for employability - and promotability - are also on the schedule this year.

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