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 What comes with a Gail Tycer Online Workshop?


All Gail's programs focus on results.

Gail Tycer Communication Workshops provide a practical, easy-to-learn, common sense approach that encourages your people to continue using their new skills- skills we reinforce in six ways:​

1. A participant may submit written material for evaluation and suggestions within the year following his, her, or their participation in the program, at no additional cost.

2. Participants learn coaching skills 

3. Participants receive a substantial course handbook to help keep skills sharp, long after the workshop is over.

4. Participants are encouraged to "anchor" what they have learned at the end of the session, and

5. May request Gail's free weekly business writing tips and video.

6. Participants will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion at the end of the workshop.

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Try one of these online workshops! 

Write less, say more - and get results!
1. Effective Written Communication

Write less, say more - and get results! The next step
2. Advanced Effective Written Communication

Business writing basics - grammar
3. Grammar and Proofreading for Professional Communication

On and off-line
4. Promotional Writing

"Translate" your technical information
5. Communicating Technical Information Effectively to Non-technical Readers

Present like a pro
6. How to Plan, Write, and Deliver Your Powerful Presentation

Put it all together
7. Communication in the Workplace

Online communication workshops that pay off the very next day.

Bring a Gail Tycer workshop to your company.

Before the workshop, Gail offers a complimentary consulting session to assure the success of her time with your people. Afterwards, she becomes their personal writing coach, providing suggestions and counsel.  For further reinforcement of the learning, participants develop coaching techniques so they can help each other reinforce what they have learned. Participants receive a substantial course handbook to keep their skills fresh, long after the workshop is over. 

Proprietary courses can be developed for your organization

Other workshops are available on request, and new programs can be developed for you if needed. We will work with you to clarify specific communication issues, and to recommend workable solutions. If training is a part of the solution, we will work with you to design an appropriate company-specific communication program; to develop your own company materials; to test the program; and to train your trainers to instruct the material. Or we can continue to provide the training, if you prefer.

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